Smile.Keepers is a group format created to foster emotional intelligence, communication and self love for children in schools and kindergarten. A facilitator will come to your class or group, once a week or every second week, to guide a 1 hr Smile.Keepers group for the children and their teachers.

Smile.Keepers is a safe and supportive environment that keeps children’s natural capacity for compassion and goodness in tact. It is a space for children to learn about and cultivate self-love, to experience how precious they are, and to be celebrated in the unique way they see the world rather than be pressured to conform.

My mission as the leader of Smile.Keepers is to reflect children’s basic goodness back to them, to protect the innocence of children and create a space for them to be seen and heard at the core of their being.

~ Simone Roth

Too often, children feel alone and isolated with their challenges. In Smile.Keepers they will learn how to express and meet their needs in an atmosphere of love, presence, and sharing. Through painting, sculpture, art and movement we encourage children to trust in their natural empathy and to develop a self-expression that invites the world in, so others can receive and support them.

In a Smile.Keepers group the teacher is also supported in developing their capacity to hold space for the children in a way that fosters deeper connection and confidence both in the teacher and the child. The Smile.Keepers facilitator will offer techniques and tools for the teacher to be able to bridge the gap in relating to their students, to create trust and space for growth, to meet them heart-to-heart.

We also offer a 48 hrs workshop series for teachers wanting to become Smile.Keepers facilitators. Here you will gain understanding of the structures needed to lead a group and experience for yourself the work you will share with the children.

How Does it Work?

Smile.Keepers is a program for children ages 5-10 and 10-15.

  • We usually come together in groups of up to 14 children.
  • We meet for a workshop once a week or twice a month.
  • We meet for a minimum 4 workshops, but 10-15 sessions is recommended to allow for sustainable change in the classroom climate and in the behaviour among the children.

Teachers are invited to be part of the circle and participate as equals.

How can I organize for you to come to my group?

As a teacher you can approach me with your needs arising from what you observe in your classroom. We will together find a format that fits your schedule, needs and financial means.


60€ per hour with the children + 30€ for coordination and integration with teacher.

For groups of more than 14 children, the price is 120€ + 30€

If outside of Vienna: travel expenses comes in addition to the sessions price

About the Facilitator

My name is Simone Roth and I have a masters in teaching philosophy, psychology, pedagogics and spanish, in addition to being a Smile Keepers facilitator and the leader of the Smile.Keepers.Institute. My main intention is to be present, to receive what children say, to help them to feel seen and heard. I support children to find new ways of voicing their needs and interacting with others’ needs, teaching them that they are not responsible for the feelings and needs of others at the same time as I help children develop their natural empathy, and to become aware of the impact of their actions on others. I help children to make decisions and hold space for the time they need to choose and I help them to choose wisely.

I am also dedicated to helping teachers learn to not interfere too much in children’s behaviour, but to be curious and appreciate the child’s natural flow and hunger for learning.

Simone Roth


Please contact me on the phone (+43 650 2142121) to speak about details and questions you have.